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The Foundation Diploma (FD) is ideal for people with little industry experience, but who would like to gain practical knowledge and a sound qualification. It involves taking our Introduction to Shipping paper (Compulsory for FD) in Group-1 and one of our specialists (optional subject) in Group-2 papers from SUBJECT DETAILS given below. It is a standalone qualification in its own right, but is also a great way to ease into the journey towards membership and gives an overall view of the business. Completion of the FD means the papers you have sat will be recognised if you go on to full professional qualification that leads to membership with the Institute.


The Advanced Diploma (AD) is the latest qualification developed by the ICS. It’s been designed as a stepping stone into full qualification, and suits those who have some industry knowledge, possibly gained through time in the industry. Like the FD, the AD is a respected qualification. It involves taking the ICS benchmark paper Shipping Business(Compulsory for AD) in Group-1 and one other specialist(optional subject) in Group-2 from SUBJECT DETAILS given below. Because these papers will be recognised if you go on to study for the full professional qualifying exams (PQE’s) they’re a great option for those wanting to ease into study or juggle the demands of both work and study. You can also take the AD after having sat the FD and have all of the papers credited to the full PQE.


The Professional Qualifying Exams (PQE’s) form the pinnacle of the ICS qualification. Completion of these exams is an illustration of one’s developed knowledge and understanding of the commercial shipping industry. It formally comprises 7 exams, which you can do over 5 years (although many complete in a much shorter time). 7 exams include all 4 subjects in Group-1 are compulsory + three subjects of your choice from either Group 2 or 3. Both the FD and AD count towards this qualification, but many other degrees and qualifications may make you eligible for exemptions although this is only available for the full PQE’s (exemptions can’t be granted to candidates sitting FD or AD).

Once PQE's have been completed, you will be eligible to apply for Membership with the Institute.


Group 1 Subjects

1) Introduction to Shipping (Compulsory for Foundation Diploma)
2) Legal Principles in Shipping Business
3) Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
4) Shipping Business (Compulsory for Advanced Diploma and in the first year of study of PQE)

Group 2 Subjects

1) Dry Cargo Chartering
2) Ship Operations & Management
3) Ship Sale & Purchase
4) Tanker Chartering
5) Liner Trades
6) Port Agency
7) Logistics & Multi-modal Transport
8) Port and Terminal Management
9) Offshore Support Industry

Group 3 Subjects

1) Shipping Law
2) Marine Insurance
3) Ship Sale & Purchase


Candidates with relevant professional or educational qualifications validated by this Institute will be able to apply for exemptions, on subject for subject basis.


Exemptions can only be granted against the Institute’s Professional Qualifying Exams (PQEs). Some of the Institute’s 16 subjects cannot be exempted as their content is regarded as essential to qualifying for membership. The following subjects can be exempted:

1) Introduction to Shipping
2) Legal Principles in Shipping Business
3)Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade
4) Logistics and Multi-modal Transport
5) Port and Terminal Management
6)Marine Insurance
7) Shipping Law
8)Shipping Finance

For Introduction to Shipping a student qualifies for an exemption if they have completed either two years employment in the shipping industry.

Maximum Number of Exemptions

The Education and Training Committee has decided that a maximum of three exemptions should be awarded to any individual student.

List of Qualifications and Exemptions on Website

For 2016-17, the current list of approved qualifications mapped to exemptions will be posted on the ICS website. Exemptions for qualifications not appearing on this list will not be approved during this academic year.

Instead, any new qualifications (including those over 7 years old) will be considered by the Education and Training Committee. If new qualifications are approved for exemptions, they will be added to the website list for the 2016-17 academic year and students will be able to apply at that point.

The exemptions are granted by ICS London after verifying the qualifications/ experience gained by the candidates.

For availing exemptions, students have to submit the Application form the Exemptions along with the following:

1) Master Mariners: CDC copy showing last 2 years sailing details, COC Copy and Passport First Page copy.
2) For others: For availing Introduction to Shipping, submit Employment certificate from the Employer giving details of job descriptions.

For availing exemption from other subjects please submit your degree/diploma certificate alongiwth consolidtated marksheet showing relevant subject for which exemption is applied along with syllabus.

The procedure for applying for examinations is

1) Submit the Student Registration Form(SRF) dully filled along with Registration Fee and Exam Fee - Demand Draft/ At par Cheque drawn in favour of 'The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers' payable at Chennai. The details in SRF include Student’s Registration for Qualification opted, selection of subjects by student wishes to attend exam in current schedule and subjects opting for exemptions.
2) For getting course materials, submit your requirement in Student Registration Form in the columns SELF STUDY/BOOKS in Page No. 3/4 along with the payment.

The students who wish to have course materials even before submitting the SRF can buy the books by submitting Course Materials Application Form along with the relevant course material cost.


For Registration for Examinations Please contact


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