Categories of Membership

Member (MICS) - Membership is achieved by candidates passing the Professional qualifying Examinations.

Fellow (FICS) - Fellow are Members with sufficient seniority in the industry. They are entitled to be called as a "Chartered Shipbroker".

Retired - A fellow or Member who has retired from active shipping business. This entitles retired members to all the ordinary privileges of membership, including receipt of the Shipping Network, except the right to vote or take part in the affairs of the Institute. A reduced membership fee applies for the Retired Members.

Life - A retired person who has been a Fellow or Member of the Institute of more than 25 consecutive years membership. Applications are considered at Controlling Council annually.

Affiliate - This category of membership is open to either:

1) Holders of the Foundation Diploma who do not intend immediately to register for the Qualifying Examinations, or

2) Those who have completed the Qualifying Examination but without the work experience requirement for an application to Membership. The maximum time limit for this grade of membership is five years.


A person, registered with the Institute, may

- apply to enter ICS Examinations
- apply for exemptions from ICS examinations on a case by case basis

How to become a Member

Applying for Membership

To be eligible for election as an individual Member a person shall comply with the following conditions:

a) Shall be not less than twenty-one yeas of age.

b) He/She shall have passed the Qualifying Examinations of the Institute, or submitted an acceptable Dissertation in lieu thereof, unless exempted therefrom under these Bye-Laws;

c) Shall have satisfied the Controlling Council that he or whe is a fit and proper person to become a Member;

d) Upon successful election and payment or appropriate fee, the candidate will receive a certificate stating that he or she is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and will thereafter be able to add the initials MICS after his or her name. The certificate at all times remains the property of the Institute and has to be returned if for any reason the person ceased to be a Member (at which time the right to be called as a Member will cease).

Those persons meeting the above conditions may apply for election to become a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (MICS).